Jump into action by becoming involved in one of the many aspects that operate our church. Some may require previous knowledge and others will give you the knowledge but no matter what, we have a fit for you. All you have to do is decide where you would like to start:
Service with a smile. Operating blends, coffee, espressos, receiving and handoffs, there's a spot for everyone. Experience is encouraged but training is offered. If you're interested in Blend Coffee, contact Heather Hasenyager

Join our team of creative operators as we strive to bring an engaging atmosphere to enhance the worship and focus on God. No experience is required to run our equipment, we'll happily train you. We have positions on soundboard, lights, camera, lyrics, and mixer.

Be a part of the stage experience leading others in worship, led by the Holy Spirit and utilizing the gifts God has given you.

Appointed with the honor of first impressions, our Greeters and Ushers are cheerful, welcoming, approachable and ready to assist our guests. If this sounds like you, sign up to become a part of the positive presence in our church atmosphere.

With sights set on the next generation, our passion is to raise up strong believers in Christ who will shape a brighter future. If you want to get involved as a Kid's Ministry helper, teacher, or our annual Vacation Bible School, connect with us to begin your process to positively influence young lives!

Protecting, guiding and assisting are the key features of our Ask Me Team. We are here to help others and present an atmosphere of friendliness and security from the moment a guest enters the parking lot until they leave. Become part of an integral component of New Beginnings Community Church.

Do you have a creative idea for a stage design? Share your vision and we will consider it for use in future stage designs! If your proposal gets accepted, you will be offered the opportunity to help coordinate and produce your design.