Trail N' Treat 2020

This year's family friendly alternative to trick or treating

Every year, NBCC hosts a safe and free alternative for families to trick or treat. 2020 has been a difficult year for kids, with schools closing and social distancing from friends. We want to give them a fun filled night to bring back some normalcy to their lives. Because we want to keep everyone safe, we cannot host hundreds of individuals on our campus all at once. Instead, we are sending you out on a scavenger hunt throughout Corona/Norco to designated NBCC friendly homes!

Candy Collectors


Halloween night is quickly approaching. We wanted to give all of our NBCC kid’s something exciting and safe to participate in this year. We’ll be organizing a scavenger hunt throughout Corona/Norco with the help of our amazing NBCC families. Sunday October 25th before or after service or on October 31st between 5:30pm-8:30pm, you will be able to pick up a scavenger hunt map that gives you the location of our NBCC homes where you can collect your candy and a special collectible at each house. Once you collect all of tokens, you then return to NBCC to collect your grand prize! 

Friendly Homes


We are looking for 20 homes to participate in our Trail n Treat scavenger hunt! If your home is within 5 miles of New Beginnings Norco, and you don’t mind your address being shared with our New Beginnings families and their friends, we are hosting a fun scavenger hunt for our kids to participate in to win special collectibles and prizes! All we need from you is your garage and a movie theme! We’ll be providing candy for the first hour, as well as the special collectible that’s unique to your house for you to give to the kids participating in our scavenger hunt. You can sign up down below!


If you do not want to participate in our scavenger hunt, or you live too far outside the radius, we would still love to help if you want bless kids in your neighborhood. Sign up online as a "non-scavenger hunt friendly home" and we’ll provide you with a yard sign and candy for the first hour of the event. 


  • Please wear your mask when handing out candy to keep our kids safe!
  • Have a designated person for those wishing to do "drive through" candy collection
  • If you'd like to have an interactive game for the kid's to "win" their candy we have some suggestions for you, stop by the connect center to talk to us
  • Anything that kids touch that will be reused for other kids, please make sure to sanitize in between uses

Sign Ups