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Creating followers of Christ since 1992

Who We Are

New Beginnings Community Church was started in the living room of our Lead Pastor, Jim Del Campo. Since then, we strive that same setting: family coming together to Love, Care, and Serve.

We welcome the imperfect, flawed, and broken as much as the healing and thriving because we are all God's children. We see church as coming home, inviting guests with open arms and with the warmest hospitality. As a family, we seek to create relationships and foster growth to trust in God and pursue His loving purpose for our lives.

The fabric of our services are woven with warmth, a spiritually-fueled worship team, a refined and engaging production, a revitalizing Bible-motivated message, and a host of serve teams to enhance your experience.

Your family may dress appropriately, casually and comfortable. We simply ask that you come open-hearted and sensitive to God's call.

Our Practices


To be a fellowship that develops leadership by cultivating each person's unique gifting in submission to following Jesus Christ, our Leader.


To be a fellowship that serves the needs of our community and beyond through good deeds.


To be a fellowship that grows mature followers of Jesus Christ through Bible teaching, fellowship and service which in turn develops other disciples.


To be a fellowship that teaches God's Word and preaches the Gospel in message and music while remaining doctrinally pure; giving opportunity for salvation in all our venues because to God, everyone matters.


To be a healing fellowship that acknowledges through our sin and the sins of others that we are all broken and need the healing touch and love of Jesus through others.


To be a multi-generational fellowship that provides opportunities for everyone to connect in communal, transformational, and missional small groups.

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