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Life Groups

Life was never meant to be done alone

Life Groups

Life Groups are the epitome of two or more gathering for the fellowship and worship of Jesus. Viewed as the bridge between Church and Sunday and your daily routines, Life Groups encourage people to come together through activities, book studies, Bible study, or common interests. Build new relationships today!

*In person, Zoom, and Hybrid groups available!

Find your group below


Rhonda cordova

Women's Group | "Untangle Your Emotions" Book Study | Wednesdays at 6:30pm | Zoom

Stephanie Bernd

Women's Group | Sermon Based | Tuesdays at 9:30AM | Corona

This group is sermon based and also has optional outings and events. Join the group for a greater relationship with Christ and women of all ages.

Paulette Gonzalez

Women's Group | Battlefield of the Mind" Book Study | Mondays at 6:30pm | NBCC Norco Campus


Ben Cordova

Men's Group | Wednesdays at 6:30pm | Eastvale

Dan MagaƱa

Men's Group | Sermon Study | 1st & 3rd Saturday at 8am | NBCC Norco Campus

KyleR mackay

Young Men's Group | Sermon Study | Inquire about meeting


Cal & Carol Pierce

Married Group | Sermon Study | Thursdays at 7pm | Zoom

Luis & Rosa

Married Group | Sermon Study | Saturdays (twice a month) | Corona

Vic & Virginia Dominguez

Retired Married Group | Sermon Study | Corona | Inquire about meeting

Steve & CeCe Mason

Young Adults Married Group | Book Study | Wednesdays at 6:30pm | Corona


Bryce & Holley Eikelberger

Families Group | Sermon Study | Corona | Inquire about meeting

Jordan & Tassi Parsons

Families Group | Sermon Study | Thursdays at 6:30pm | Corona


Andy & Brooke Jagerson

Thursdays's at 6:30pm | Norco | Right Now Media *Childcare Provided

George Diaz

Sermon Study | Zoom/Corona | Inquire about meeting


Steve Dominquez

Creatives Group


Caregivers & Foster Parent Support Group | Fridays at 7pm | Zoom

Virginia dominguez

Cancer Support Group (past or present) | Corona | Inquire about meeting