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Meet the team

New Beginnings Staff

We'd like to introduce you to the team...

Jim Del Campo - Founder & Lead Pastor

Jim Del Campo began New Beginnings 32 years ago in his home with the dream of not only reaching people for Christ, but to help people heal and find hope in God. His favorite thing to do is teach the Bible and backpack through the high sierras. He is supported by his loving wife Oliva of 43 years. They have 3 adult children, and most prized possessions are their 6 grandchildren. He is a huge movie guy and isn't afraid to spoil the ending of a movie, especially if he has given you adequate time to watch it. He loves to travel and has been to 47 of the 50 United States.

Charlie Bakar - Operations Pastor

Charlie Bakar came to New Beginnings along with Covid in March of 2020. He is married to his wonderful wife Aimee of 13 years. He is most proud to be a girl dad to two daughters. He is a total Sci-Fi nerd and has seen every Star Trek Next Generation episode. He absolutely hates the beach because of the sand. He is a leader over our serve team ministries on Sunday, as well as shepherds our staff and keeps them on track. If they need anything, he is the guy to ask, cause he makes it happen. He has strong feelings of dislike towards Miguel's Jr.

Eric Disney - Marriage, Family, & Relationship Pastor

Eric Disney came to New Beginnings as an unbeliever. He was actually hired to film/put together a commercial for NBCC. He was later saved, and then met his wife Jennifer here at New Beginnings. They have been married for 20 years and together have two incredible teenage sons. He has been a Ministry Pastor for 23 years, has written a book called Marriage By Design, and thoroughly enjoys his impromptu counseling sessions at the local dry cleaners and Jack in the Box. He often eats lunch at Goodfella's. He is a big old movie buff too, one of his favorites being "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World." (Look it up, it has the best cast!)

Erin Diaz Adame - Communities Pastor

Erin Diaz Adame has been a part of New Beginnings since she was 16 years old. She has served in our Children's Ministry for 14 years, then stepped into a new role as our Communities Pastor a few years ago. She has the biggest heart to serve within our community. Especially our Seniors and foster children. She has been married to her husband Andy for 3 years, and they enjoy spoiling their Golden Retriever named Willow. She has an excessive reusable bag collection, loves the color Yellow, and practices Ju Jitsu. You can often spot her at Marshall's or TJMaxx on her days off.

Michael Estrada - Worship Pastor

Michael Estrada grew up in the church since he was 8 years old. He finally popped the question and married the most beautiful woman Mayra and they have been married for 8 years. He is a terrific father to his baby girl, and recently found out they are expecting a baby boy. He is very gifted in music and instruments. But more so, he is exceptional with shepherding and discipling anyone on his team. He is a big foodie guy, and loves to taste new cuisine. He is very passionate about debating, just ask him about cake vs. pie or ranch dressing.

Katelyn Kim - Community Youth Music Director

Katelyn Kim is a phenomenally talented young lady who leads our Community Youth worship team. She has a hidden talent of balloon artistry. She loves to draw and be creative. Can play 3 different instruments. Her weekends are filled with playing in shows with her band "First Date". She is a terrific edition to our Worship Team.

Charlie Headley - Generations Pastor

Charlie Headley has a deep love for the next generation. He began attending our youth group in 2012, then started working in Youth Ministry. He has been involved within our Generations Ministry for 9 years. He plays a huge role as an administrator with our Assemblies of God Youth events, such as Summer Camps and Conventions. He has been married to his wonderful wife Aubrie for 4 years. He enjoys off roading and working on his dirt bike in his free time. Never misses a Tampa Bay Buccaneer's game either.

Robert Arroyo - Youth Pastor

Robert Arroyo was caught doing donuts in our parking lot as a 16 year old teenager. He was later given the opportunity to lead our Youth Ministry, and has been guiding our youth in their faith for 2 years. He is newly married to his amazing wife Reyna for 1 year. He considers himself a coffee snob. Check out Robkof! He is a big social butterfly, and gets really excited to meet new people. He is most known for his infamous laugh that can be heard throughout the office.

Brianna Ganarial - Kid's Pastor

Brianna Ganarial has a BA in Theology from Vanguard University. She is a recently licensed Assemblies of God Minster (has a card and everything!). She prepares classrooms each week for Sunday morning services, and curriculum, and plans big events during the year such as Kid's Con, Winter Camp, NBCC Easter event. She is a vital piece to AG Kid's Min Team. She has a passion for children, she began attending New Beginnings in 2001 when she was 2 years old. First began playing the acoustic guitar in our worship band when she was a teenager, then videographer and admin, to now being our Kid's Pastor. She loves to snowboard and skydive. She loves spoiling her Boston terrier pup Cove with fun themed birthday parties. And Fun fact: she likes to make recycled paper!

Levi Herrick - 5th & 6th Grade Coordinator

Levi Herrick is our newest member of the team. He came to us ready to serve in ministry wherever needed. We have placed him in a very important position as our 5th & 6th Grade Coordinator. He oversee's the transition from elementary to middle school within our Sunday Morning classes. Levi is a triplet, who growing up lived in 5 different homes due to his parents real estate business. He loves In & Out. He has a very particular hat style, loves to go hiking and rock climbing. You can also catch him at the local coffee shops on his down time.

Alfredo Hernandez - Spanish Pastor

Alfredo Hernandez is considered the hardest working man, you can often find him digging up a broken sprinkler pipe, or tending to our beautiful flowers and landscaping around the campus. He has been married to his adoring wife Aurora for 51 years. They have 3 adult children, and 5 grandchildren. He loves leftovers, and eating peanuts with ice cold lemonade. His favorite movie is Nacho Libre. He also supports our Spanish Pastor who leads our Zacatecas Campus in Mexico.

Rebecca Farias - Office Manager

Rebecca Farias is the glue that keeps our staff together. She is often considered the "Mama Bear", always making sure things are running smoothly, and everyone has what they need to succeed. She is an avid New Yorker at heart. She has a slight obsession with Rae Dunn, and you can often find her quoting "Friends" the tv show. She is married to the most likable man Phil for the past 29 years. She is the mother of a very talented teenager daughter. Enjoys spending time browsing the isles of Home Goods and Hobby Lobby, especially for Fall Decor which happens to be her favorite season. She is also voted best dressed here at NBCC.

Jon Esqueda - Creative Director

Jon Esqueda began coming to New Beginnings when he was only 5 years old. Previously, the Assistant Youth Worship Director/Worship Leader here at Norco, he now oversees both the Production & Creative Ministry Teams. He has a driven mind for Tech, Creativity, and Music. He has high standards for himself which we appreciate when it comes to production of Sunday Morning Services, Social Media, and Communications; such as our Website & Emails. He is married to his wife, Mary; who is also the Riverside Campus Worship Director. They both love video games, traveling, watching shows or their favorite streamer on Twitch.

Heather Hasenyager - Blend Coffee Manager

Heather Hasenyager is a coffee entrepreneur. She loves to visit coffee shops wherever she travels. She's an all around outdoors girl. She loves going hiking, paddle boarding, and spending time at the beach. She is the mother of two amazing young adults. Has been married to her husband Bruce for 30 years. Together they have 2 basset hounds pups. She is very thoughtful and caring. But don't let her quietness fool you, she loves to make jokes and have fun!

Jim Tracey - Facilities Director

Jim Tracey formally known as "Jimbo" is a jack of all trades guy and works to keep our campuses up to date on maintenance. He is married to his wife Kristin of 30 years and they look forward to their Friday morning breakfast dates every single week. They have 2 adult children, became empty nesters, then took on 3 foster children, that they have since then adopted. They are proud Pops and Mimi to 3 grandchildren. Jim never misses a game or track meet for any one of his kids. He is considered their biggest fan, next to being the top L.A. Kings fan! He loves to play hockey when he gets some free time. He hates the spotlight, but we don't know what we would do without him!

Dylan Del Campo - Riverside Campus Pastor

Dylan Del Campo started our Riverside Campus 2 years ago. He has a deep commitment to spreading the Gospel and is a true scholar for teaching the Word of God. He has been married to his wife Destiny for 2 years. One of his favorite job titles is that of "CoCo" (Uncle to his nieces and nephews). He would rather stay home and curl up with a good book any day of the week. He has scoliosis and chronic back pain. He loves to cook- cajun shrimp pasta, or a good caste iron steak. Also tends to lose his keys often, that's why he has a tracker on them now.

Jake Tracey - Riverside Associate Pastor

Jake Tracey began as our High School Pastor in 2015. He then moved over to help with our Riverside Campus. He is married to Reina and they have two sons together. He is an avid hockey player and fan. Go L.A. Kings! You can catch him eating any time of the day and never gaining any weight. He is a vicious white belt in Jiu Jitsu and the biggest goof ball.

Reina Tracey - Riverside Ministry Associate

Reina Tracey grew up at New Beginnings, like from the womb. She does all the behind the scenes things for Riverside Campus. Being a campus that tears down and sets up each week. She is involved in all aspects of bringing church to life Sunday mornings. She met her husband Jake here and they have been married for 6 years. They have two little boys and a fur baby named Carter. She enjoys fitness and going for long distance runs. She leads their Women's Ministry. She loves online shopping- a little too much!

Jon Hensley - Jurupa Valley Campus Pastor

Jon Hensley is a Special Education trainer for multiple districts. He is a serious entrepreneur with several side businesses. He also has a major shoe collection. If you can't find him in his office, you will find him dinning at Chili's. His love language is gift giving! He loves being a servant, and isn't afraid to jump in wherever the need is and get his hands dirty serving.

Ormeana Smith - Jurupa Valley Associate Pastor

Ormeana Smith is a phenomenal Mama Bear. She has 3 adult children with her husband Tony. She is a champion for them, and is always advocating for their futures. She helps orchestrate our Jurupa Valley ministries and services.