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Message Notes

Got Stress? // They Just Don't Listen! // 04.14.24

I have found that one of the bigger sources of stress in life is bad decision making. Meaning, we can actually bring stress and more stress upon ourselves. But it also means through good decisions we can reduce stress in our lives. Today we look at a man in the O.T. who created his own stress highway through bad decisions. We can learn from his mistakes and reduce one of the sources of stress; bad decision making.

Creating a Stress Highway… 

  1. Tell yourself you ____________ 

2 Chronicles 10:1-8 

Proverbs 22:3 

2. __________ ______from the inexperienced and unwise

2 Chronicles 10:8-11

3. Watch the decision blow up into a ___________________ 

2 Chronicles 10:12-16

Discussion Questions

Intro: Read our text from Sunday; II Chronicles 10:1-16. This is the moment that Rehoboam who is Solomon’s son and is now King faces his first potential crisis as King. As you read jot down your thoughts and questions for discussion in your group. 

1.Our current series is about stress relief. A way we incur more stress is through bad decision making. By way of introduction, can you remember and share a bad decision you might have made that created stress and anxiety in your life? Explain 

2. In verses 6-8 we find Rehoboam seeking the wisdom of the elders, the older wiser experienced people. They give him great advice on the decision he should make concerning the request of the people. But verse 8 says, “He forsook the counsel of the elders.” Meaning, he thinks he knows better than everyone. He doesn’t need anyone speaking wisdom into his life. How old were you when you started to listen to wisdom? Or do you still have trouble hearing from others who you know love and care for you enough to offer correction or wisdom? Explain 

3. Read Proverbs 22:3. You could sum up this verse by saying the wise person is looking down the road. He thinks deeply about the consequences of his decisions. How would this affect stress and anxiety in our lives? Explain 

4. Read verses 8-11. How many wrong moves does Rehoboam make? List as many as you can find and discuss them among your group.  

5. II Chronicles 10:12-16 is about unwanted and stressful consequences of bad decision making. The Kingdom splits. Ten of twelve tribes leave the nation. STRESS. Then young foolish and bad decision-making Rehoboam goes into dumb and dumber mode. He is about to bring everyone else into his manmade crises by rallying troops to go to war with their brothers of other tribes in II Chronicles 11:1-4. This one takes honestly and openness. Have you ever gone to war in marriage or family due to bad decision making? (And boy is that stressful) Explain 

6. I want to briefly revisit Proverbs 22:3. It is truly about looking down the road to see what a decision will result in. My question is just for self-understanding. Are you a person who thinks through decisions and their outcome OR are you a person who just jumps without much thought?  


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