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Message Notes

Love Let's Go // Loved By Association // 04.18.21

Ephesians 4:31-32 

“Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13 

“When love meets inconvenience.” 

1. Do not __________ sin 

Luke 7:36-39 

2. Grace and forgiveness lightens ___________

Luke 7:40-43 

Luke 7:44-48

3. The ______________ the easier it is to forgive and let go 

Luke 7:42-43 

Amos 6:12

Micah 6:8

Discussion Questions

For the week of 04.18.21 // Loved By Association

Intro: Our text from Sunday was Luke 7:36-48. As usual I would invite you to read the text multiple times gleaning all you can from it. The more you read a text the more it comes alive because they are spiritual words and you have the Spirit of God in you. As you do this write down your thoughts and questions. If you are in a group share this with your squad. Remember to take your time on this part and have fun. 

1.In Luke 7:37 and 39 she is labeled a “sinner” and they know “what sort of person she is.” The church folks have categorized her and her sin. What is the danger in making some sins worse than others? Explain 

2. In verses 40-43 she has been forgiven a mountain of sins and therefore she will love Jesus with a mountain’s worth of love. In verse 48 Jesus forgives her. Jesus forgives, let’s go of her sins and frees her of her mountain of guilt and shame. Love let’s go. Why is it so difficult for some people to forgive and let things go? Explain 

3. From verses 41-43, 47 why is it important for us to remember, not in a self-condemning way but in a realistic way, how much sin we’ve been forgiven of and continue to be forgiven of? Explain 

4. One of the main objections to forgiving others might be, “I can’t forgive what they did to me.” Let’s read my favorite story, the Prodigal son story in Luke 15:11-24. 

*Who is the one who caused the pain? 

*Who is the victim in the story? 

*How does the victim in the story handle being victimized? (Explain in detail) 

*How does this go against the grain of current cultural thinking?  

NOW: Take the first 3 questions in point 4 and apply it to you and God with explanation. 

5. Double Bonus Jeopardy question. In Luke 15 there is the angry unforgiving brother/church member. Read verses 27-30, he is not coming to the party for one reason. You find the answer in Luke 15:1-2. State it and explain why it’s such a big issue.  

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