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Message Notes

Acts: To The Ends Of The Earth II // Faithful Follower- Faithful God // 05.28.23

There are many seasons in our life as followers of Christ that we need encouragement. In this message we find Paul has been going through some difficult times. He is currently on trial, they strike him and no one is getting saved. So what does Jesus do? He cheers Paul up in three specific ways and the three ways Jesus does this is exactly the three ways He encourages us. In this message out of Acts 23 we will examine those three methods of encouragement.

Joshua 1:8

Acts 23:1-10

Our faithful God cheers us up by…

1. ___________ to us

Acts 23:11

2. __________ with us

Matthew 28:19-20

3. ____________ us to keep going

Acts 23:11

Discussion Questions

Intro: Our main text of scripture Sunday was Acts 23:1-11. But to get the full story I want you to read Acts 23:1-24. As you read it multiple times, please write down your thoughts and questions you might have. Now remember to read slowly to get everything you can out of the text. 


1. In Acts 23:1 what is the significance of calling the Council “brethren?” Explain


2. In Acts 23:2-3, Paul is struck and calls them Whitewashed tombs?  What is Paul actually saying about them?  


3. In Acts 23:6 why is bringing up the Resurrection of Jesus a brilliant move on Paul’s part? Explain


4. Let’s now drill down on the theme of Sunday’s message. Acts 23:11, Paul has been through very difficult times and has remained faithful to God’s will. One of the ways Jesus lifts our spirits in tough times is by speaking to us. In verse 11, God speaks to Paul. My question is this, share a time when you really needed God to speak to you and He did. Please share how He did and what He told you. And remember God can speak to us through the word of God, by thoughts landing upon our minds and by a word of encouragement from another believer to name a few.


5. Back to Acts 23:11. In difficult times we find that Jesus affirms that He is always with us, standing right by our side. Here is the question: In difficult times do you go with what you believe (God will never leave me) or what you feel (I feel like God isn’t there for me)?  Explain


6. In Acts 23:11, while in difficult times, Jesus tells Paul that he must still go to Rome and witness. In other words, don’t quit, keep going.  In difficult times do you keep a keep going faith or a stalled-out faith?  Explain. 



The Case For the Resurrection of Jesus by Gary R. Habermas & Michael R. Licona

Warren Wiersbe Bible Exposition Commentary

John Courson Bible Commentaries

Vines Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words

William Barclay

Craig keener



New Bible Commentary

Bible Exposition Commentary 



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