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Message Notes

ACTS: The Arrival // Keeping Up With The Joneses // 09.25.22

Today Pastor Charlie Headley takes a look at the story of Ananias and Sapphira in Acts Chapter 5. We look at why Ananias and Sapphira lied, what the real sin they committed was, and how even in our mistakes God is still a gracious and Holy God.

1. Image VS Reality

Acts 5:1-4

Acts 4:36-37

"It’s easy to fall in love with the image of spirituality with out the reality of a spiritual life!"

2. Truth & Grace

Acts 5:5-10 

3. He’s Still There

Acts 5:11-16

Discussion Questions

Intro: As we like to do each week, go ahead and read the text from Sunday. Acts 5:1-16 writing down all your thoughts and questions to share with your group. Please take your time to dig out as much as the Holy Spirit reveals to you.

1. Point one in the message this week was titled Image VS Reality, looking at how we can have the image of a spiritual life without the reality of it. In what areas of your life have you created an image of a spiritual life without fully walking out the spiritual life?

·       What are practical ways to make sure the image can become reality?

2. Read Acts 5:3. Why does Peter tell Ananias that he lied to the Holy Spirit and not to Peter or Apostles them self? 

3. (Fun question) If you were Peter questioning Ananias and he drops dead right in front of you, how would you respond? (Acts 5:5) 

4. What are the similarity’s to Acts 5:1-16 and Joshua 7. (Hint: There is more in common than people dying) 

5. Pastor Charlie closed the message on Sunday with point 3 called “He’s still working”. Sharing how even in the chaos of the world God is still working in us and amongst us. Take time and write down some ways you need God to work in your life. As a group spend time praying over that list and believing God will do a work in your life.


The Case For the Resurrection of Jesus by Gary R. Habermas & Michael R. Licona

Warren Wiersbe Bible Exposition Commentary

John Courson Bible Commentaries

Vines Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words

William Barclay

Craig keener



New Bible Commentary

Bible Exposition Commentary 



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