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Message Notes

ACTS: To The Ends Of The Earth // Justice // 02.05.23

There is so much talk and demand for justice these last few years, so we’re going to talk about it. Oh not the type the angry mob screams about. (And we should never allow any angry person or group carry out justice) We’re going to talk about eternal justice, judgement day. Paul in Acts 17 says that “God has fixed a day in which He will judge the world in righteousness through a Man.” And we know that Man is the God Man Jesus. True justice is coming through Jesus. No one gets away with anything. And if you think about it, if there is no ultimate judgment then there is no ultimate Justice.

I Peter 3:15

Acts 17:16-23

1. The God you missed is the God who ________________

Acts 17:24-25

Revelation 4:11

2. We all have a common ____________

Acts 17:26

Genesis 5:32

3. God has __________ to judge the world in righteousness

Acts 17:27-31

Micah 6:8

II Peter 3:3-7

II Peter 3:9

Discussion Questions

Intro: I know that we began in Acts 17:16, but let’s back up a bit and read from Acts 17:10-34. Answer these questions:

What was unique about the people from Berea? 

What happens everywhere Paul goes to preach? 

What are three things that jump out at you as you read the verses 10-34? 

1. Paul faces two opposing Philosophies in the Epicureans and Stoics. What can you remember about the differences in beliefs of these two groups? 

2. Instead of telling them how dumb it was to worship idols what does Paul do in verse 22? Explain his tactic

3. In verse 24-31 list all the attributes you can find in Paul’s message. Which of these character qualities of God does our society desperately need to understand and why? 

4. We talked about Justice and how some will never get justice in this life. We live in a society that screams for Justice. Paul tells us that God will judge righteously on the day of judgment. There will be justice in eternity. If you can share, have you ever had an injustice done to you. I’m talking about one you never got or ever will get justice for?  AND were you ever able to let it go or is it still festering and affecting you?  Explain

5. About Justice read:

Micah 6:8 What attitude are we to carry out Justice with?  Do we see this today? 

Amos 6:12 says they “have turned justice into poison.” What is Amos trying to communicate to us?  Explain


The Case For the Resurrection of Jesus by Gary R. Habermas & Michael R. Licona

Warren Wiersbe Bible Exposition Commentary

John Courson Bible Commentaries

Vines Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words

William Barclay

Craig keener



New Bible Commentary

Bible Exposition Commentary 



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