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I Accepted Jesus! | Community Youth

I raised my hand...now what?

Congratulations on your decision to follow Jesus Christ! This is the greatest decision you will ever make and we are here for you every step of the way. God invites us into relationship with Him, which might sound confusing at first but here are a few steps to help you grow with God.

1. Read the Bible

Getting into God's Word (the Bible) is the easiest way to connect and learn about God. If you don't have a Bible, don't worry, there is a Bible app by YouVersion that offers you different reading plans and devotionals to help you grow and connect to God. On the app you can also select a bible translation. Pastor Charlie reads the NLT (New Living Translation) in our services, so if you want to follow along we recommend the NLT translation.

2. Get Connected

Being surrounded by like-minded people that will keep you accountable and help you grow is key when deciding to follow Jesus. Below is an online connect card that you can fill out to get connected with CMNTY Yth.