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Parent News-Letter

April Update  

Welcome back parents to our monthly news-letter! We are excited as a leadership team for the things coming up in the month of April and we want to give you a heads up for what’s to come.

Starting off with what we will be going over on Sundays and Wednesdays. On Sundays we will be going over The Resurrection of Christ and what that means for us today. On Easter Sunday we will be 

For Wednesday nights we are continuing our series “Y”, looking at the fundamentals of Christianity and why it matters to practices these fundamentals. This series will conclude on April 27th with what we call our Community Nights. These nights are geared for first time guests. We encourage our students to bring someone that has never been to church before. On these community nights we gear everything we do for that first time guest and end the night with giving them an opportunity to accept Jesus as there Lord and Savior. 

It would be awesome if you as a parent to a student that attends our youth group to start encouraging them by asking who your student wants to bring on April 27th. 

In the month of April we dont have any events but we are preparing for Youth Convention. Youth Convention will be May 6th - 7th. We had our first deposit of $50 due at the end of March. We will be collecting the last deposit for convention on April 27th. Currently youth convention registration is closed. But if you have any questions or your wondering if there is any possible spots still available feel free to reach out to our generations pastor Charlie Headley (Charlie@nbcc.com). 

One huge goal for us as a youth ministry is to help support you as a parent with students coming to our youth ministry. We only get to see your student for 3- 5 hour at most during the week while you are with your daughter or son the rest of the week. With that being said we would love to hear from you and help support you any ways possible. Please reach out to our Youth Director Robbert Arroyo (rarroyo@nbcc.com) with any questions you might have. God Bless!