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Toy Drive

Angel Tree Toy Drive

The Generations team is partnering with Angel Tree to help bring Christmas gift to kids!

Angel Tree is an organization that helps kids that have one or both parents incarcerated get gifts on Christmas. This year we will be collecting gifts for kids any where from 3 years old to 18 year olds. There is a list bellow of the kids we are looking to get gifts for and there interests. The only requirement would be that the gift is at least 10 dollars and new. The last day to turn gifts in will be November 30th. If you would like to participate you can drop off the gifts at either our Norco or Jurupa Valley campus on Sunday mornings or on Wednesday nights at Norco and Jurupa Valley.


One of our girls has down syndrome and wants coloring books and colored pencils.

2 Year Old

  • Interactive toy or blocks.

3 Year Old 

  • Play foods, toys for her and her dolls

10 Year Old 

  • Soccer ball

11 year Old 

  • Art supplies or paint

14 Year Old 

  • Art kit supplies, crafts

14 Year Old

  • Hair products, lotion or nail polish items

15 Year Old 

  • Bath and Body Works type items (From Target, Walmart, CVS)

16 Year Old 

  • Bath and Body Works type items (From Target, Walmart, CVS)

18 Year Old 

  • Bath Body Works type items (From Target, Walmart, CVS)


1 Year Old

  • Musical toy ,learning/educational toys 

3 Year Old

  • Learning educational, musical is okay

6 Year Old (He is blind & nonverbal)

  • He likes Elmo, musical or educational toys 

7 Year Old 

  • Dinosaurs or building bricks

7 Year Old 

  • Football 

9 Year Old 

  • Fortnite or Basketball 

11 Year Old 

  • Clothes / Hoodie (Medium in men’s)

12 Year Old 

  • Anything sports

13 Year Old 

  • Basketball 

16 Year Old 

  • Football (He likes the cowboys) Or Basketball He is a Medium in Men's sweats (no jeans)